Christie Hunter Arscott has devoted her career to helping women achieve their best by giving them the tools to become strong leaders and see risk as an opportunity to be seized, not avoided.

The author, advisor and speaker, 38, who was one of the first Rhodes Scholars to pursue graduate research in women’s studies, has an acronym she calls Bold Moves: “Moves is how you assess whether it’s a risk worth taking,” she explains. “M is motivation, O is opportunity and opportunity cost, V is vision, E is ‘end game plan’ for good and bad scenarios, and S is for Support. Support is that I’ve realised the most successful women always have a focus on the collective. No woman is an island and we need that support.”

Hunter Arscott’s experience and reach is international, especially since the 2022 publication of her critically acclaimed book Begin Boldly. She still, however, has her roots firmly in her island home and cares deeply about the success of Bermuda’s women and girls.

In 2019, together with BHS and HSBC—she is a former BHS pupil herself—Hunter Arscott launched a programme called SHE LEADS, which is a “real world readiness programme” for young women entering their final year of high school, the framework of which is “leading self, leading others, leading by example.”

The programme is a partnership between both private and public schools because, she points out, “If we’re truly going to cultivate skills in young women in Bermuda, we can’t do it in silos. The beauty of SHE LEADS is that it was one of the first true partnerships between private schools, public schools and corporate.” Hosted by BHS and funded by HSBC, the first SHE LEADS programme involved students from Berkeley and CedarBridge as well as BHS, and the programme has now expanded to include individuals from all schools in Bermuda. One of the biggest successes to come out of the programme is “young women not feeling alone and feeling like they have more in common than in difference,” she continues. “That was truly powerful in terms of building connectivity and also thinking about how we build more social conscious leaders in Bermuda.”

One of her favourite quotes is “You cannot be what you cannot see” and, to this end, looking to the future, Hunter Arscott would like to create a platform for more women to share their stories to encourage and inspire other women because, she says: “By making the bold and brave moves by women more visible, we can impact the aspiration of so many other women.”

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