The Bermudian checks in with former CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Kevin Dallas to see how things are going.

BM: It’s Day 3 of Shelter In Place. How are you holding up?
KD: So far, so good! We moved from our (very very small) cottage into our new (considerably larger) house in March. Having more space has been key to retaining our sanity.

BM: What are you doing to keep busy?
KD: Since my unexpectedly early retirement from the BTA at the end of February, I’ve been focused on getting back in shape.

Before the lockdown, I was running different sections of the railway trail every day. Now that’s shifted to a loop on the roads near our home and an outdoor gym we’ve set up in the garden.

BM: Have you found any unexpected pleasures?
KD: In the last few weeks our neighbourhood definitely feels more like a community than it did before; it’s been great to see people going out of their way to check in on and help one another.

BM: What have you been cooking?
KD: As part of my renewed interest in my own health, I’ve been exploring the art of paleo cooking. So far I’ve discovered a chocolate chip cookie recipe (made with almond flour, coconut sugar, and almond butter) and a paleo bread recipe that I really like.

BM: Any takeout? If so, from where?
KD: Before they shut down, we ordered out a lot to help keep Bermuda’s hospitality industry working. A few favourites we’d recommend once things open back up:

The Chicken Jhalfrezi from Ruby Murrys
The lamb chops from Pickled Onion
The Boston Butt (pulled pork) from Huckleberry at Rosedon

BM: And what about the stereo?
KD: We tuned in the other day to the one and only Mike Hind’s online show – which was well worth the effort. Does that count?

BM: Have you been meeting with friends online via House Party or Zoom?
KD: Absolutely. House Party is fun because we’ve (accidentally) ended up introducing friends from different circles who happened to pop in on us at the same time. When this is all over, we’re going to have to have a big bbq with everyone.

BM: Have you had to find ways to stay positive?
KD: Not yet – I’m a pretty positive person. But ask me again in a week.

BM: Are you keeping fit?
KD: Thanks to that whole ‘retired’ thing, I’m actually in better shape than I’ve been in years. The BTA was kind of all consuming, so having some time for me has been mentally and physically good for me.

BM: How is the drinking going? Are you making it to 5:00 each day?
KD: My Grandfather used to have one of those clocks that said “no drinking before 5” but where every hour was labelled 5. He also coined the term “a small double”. Both are traditions I’m proud to embrace.

BM: Any tips on how others can crush quarantine just like you?
KD: The more we all follow the spirit of the rules, the sooner we’ll get through this and can start to rebuild our economy. Let’s all stay home and stay healthy.