The Bermudian checks in with COO and Secretary of the City of Hamilton, Dwayne Caines to see how things are going.


BM: So how are you faring during these strange times?
DC: It is the best of times worst of times.  I feel like I am in a two week game of Survivor. I am home with my wife, college age daughters and my puppy (I want the immunity idol). It is an awesome experience and a terrifying one, all in one.

BM: How is the working from home going? Are you getting anything done?
DC: I am finding out how indisciplined I am, working from home. I mean I am up every few seconds going to the fridge, walking around the house, watching tv (sigh). Zoom meetings are amazing, it has ensured I don’t skip a beat. Thank goodness for technology.

BM: How is your family coping? Have you found some surprising upsides to spending more time together?
DC: Just today I was telling my wife this is the longest we as a family have spent together and not been on vacation (all day everyday).  The girls are adults (well so they think)  so it has been an adjustment but it has been for the most part good.  I have my foot in a cast presently so there is yet  another dimension for you.

BM: What are you doing to stay positive?
DC: Playing games, singing karaoke, writing, playing with my puppy, oh and watching Netflix.

BM: How about your friends and extended family? Do you have any virtual get-togethers planned?
DC: Yes, I Zoom call my family all around the world. Saturday evenings (sabbath) around 40 family members from around the world get on a Zoom video call – it has been amazing.

BM: What are you doing to stay healthy?
DC: Right now nothing, sadly I have done very little with my foot in a cast, I think at the end of this shelter in place, I will be rolled out the house.

BM: What are you listening to? Any new-found audio pleasures you wouldn’t normally have time for?
DC: Right now my listening consists of press conferences with Premier Burt and this irritating guy name Minister Wayne TM Caines and watching news about the COVID outbreak – sad but that is my audio pleasure (pain)

BM: Any other unexpected pleasures?
DC: Yes, the pleasure of enjoying the little things and taking nothing for granted. The pleasure of a thought, the pleasure of freedom and the pleasure of family.

BM: Have you been doing any baking? Anything so good you want to share the recipe with us?
DC: I am not a baker, my daughter Dasha however tried to make cookies last night, sugar cookies in fact. They came out like scones, I simply put some jam on them and had a greese.