The Bermudian checks in with photographer Meredith Andrews to see how things are going.

BM: So how are you faring during these strange times?
MA: All is well. My husband returned from Europe last Sunday March 15th and although it was not ordered by the Government, we took the decision to self-isolate him from our two children and me. We are in the fortunate position of having a small room with a bathroom separate from the main house, so it was not a hard decision.

BM: How is working from home going?  Are you getting anything done?
MA: My work is taking a major hit as there is very little time left over after homeschooling and maintaining the household, but this should get better once my husband is able to assist after next Sunday (14 days since his arrival home). As a small business owner, these are frightening times. The future is very uncertain, so I am trying to prepare myself for a rough road ahead.

BM: What about the kids?
MA: The kids are amazing. Having concentrated time together is a positive thing and the kids are flourishing. Homeschooling is challenging but I am doing my best. My son (8 years old) and daughter (10 years old) have both communicated fear about the virus and come to me “feeling overwhelmed” about the situation. I am trying to find silver linings and normalize things for them as much as possible.

BM: Have you found an unexpected pleasures?
MA: Somewhat. My garden is looking amazing. I’ve planted loads of veggies and propagated some seeds with the kids. Again, I am lucky enough to have a garden so really no complaints about being confined to the property.

BM: Are you cooking more?
MA: Yes! It feels like I’m cooking non-stop. The children have been helping and learning new skills in the process.

BM: What have you made?
MA: We’ve been doing lots of baking including bread in a bread machine. Tomorrow we are going to raise the bar and try creating our own sourdough starter, so we can give that a go over the weekend. The best thing I have made is a ramen and edamame stir fry with a fried egg on top. That was a hit with everyone!

BM: What are you listening to?
MA: The BBC World Service, podcasts and music on Spotify. For some reason I’ve been travelling down a musical memory lane listening to lots of my old favourites like Massive Attack, Blur, Portishead, Horrace Andy and Amy Winehouse.

BM: Have you tried any online community get-togethers? Like the Zoom or Blue Jeans’s happy hour with friends?
MA: I’ve been on Houseparty with friends and family a few times. Some of my girlfriends and I are planning a Friday night “happy hour” where we get dressed up a bit and catch up with a glass of wine over Zoom or Houseparty.

BM: What about ordering take-out from a restaurant? Have you done that?
MA: Saturday night I was really sick of cooking so we ordered take-out from Gulf Stream in Southampton. The food was delicious as always and they made the collection of food under these circumstances feel safe and easy. They brought the food out to a table set up at the entrance complete with hand sanitizer so you could clean your hands after signing the credit card slip.

BM: What are you doing to stay positive?
MA: To stay positive I am trying to be grateful for all that I have and not worry about the things I cannot control.

BM: What are you doing to stay healthy?
MA: Daily walks, working in the garden, being mindful of what I eat and finally trying meditation. Om.

BM: Thanks for taking the time to chat, Meredith. Sending our best wishes to you and your family for happy days ahead and good health.