The Bermudian checks in with the founder of TABS, Rebecca Singleton to see how things are going.

BM: So how are you faring during these strange times?
RS: It’s a twilight zone. As a small business owner it’s been hard to come to terms with the rapid change in the market. It was faster then I expected. But with challenges comes opportunities. I’m continually inspired by the creatives in our community who are evolving, balancing and partnering – that gives me great hope for the future!

BM: How is the working from home going? Are you getting anything done?
RS: With a one and three year old it’s a juggle for sure! My hours have changed as I try and get things done during ‘quiet time’ and once the boys are in bed. I’m focusing on our online business, supporting other local retailers and cutting expenses! Last week we created a new section on our website called ‘local loves’ to give other Bermuda businesses a platform to sell their goods online and we can handle all the logistics for them. Check it out:

BM: How is your family coping? Have you found some surprising upsides to spending more time together?
RS: The one year old doesn’t know any different. The three year old misses his friends and the dog is living her best life. Watching the bond between my boys grow is the greatest joy in my day.

BM: What are you doing to stay positive?
RS: Only listerning to the highlights from reputable sources.  Staying connected to family and the TABS team with daily calls. Recoginsing that this will not last forever. Anytime I have negative thoughts I change them to feelings of gratitude. For instance, home schooling is hard, but I am so GRATEFUL to the teachers who are providing learning experiences, clever apps and Pinterest!
BM: How about your friends and extended family? Do you have any virtual get-togethers planned?
RS: Yes. I speak to my family every day. I also try and call a friend everyday too.

BM: What are you doing to stay healthy?
RS: Ha! Daily walks and… and… does hummus count?

BM: What are you listening to? Any new-found audio pleasures you wouldn’t normally have time for?
RS: The sound of my kids is about the only audio I have time for! Unfortunately it is not always pleasurable…

BM: Any other unexpected pleasures?
RS: Ozark. Grapefruit. Gardening. Silence :).

BM: On we posted an article on the restaurants serving fresh lobster for take-out. Were you been doing much take out before the restaurants closed?
RS: Yep! Provided a nice treat for the first few days. I look forward to supporting them again.

BM: Have you been doing any baking? Anything so good you want to share the recipe with us?
RS: Hmm the boxed Betty Crocker cakes and cookies are great for me and the kids to do together with minimal ingredients you can mess up. A toddler with an electric whisk is a big enough baking challenge for me.

BM: Have you been doing any retail therapy while in isolation?
RS: I’ve certainly been looking! Especially for items for the home. I seriously need to update my storage situation.

BM: What are the top items you wished you had bought before going into isolation?
RS: I wish I had checked out of Salt +Cedar! I had a bunch of pampering goodies in my cart which would have been a lovely treat and much needed right about now!! Also Modblu had some comfy items which would have been a nice break from my yoga pants.

BM: So many local retail stores have moved online now, did you get any orders in before going into isolation?
RS: Got a bunch of stuff for my kids from BrightIsle. Their toys are awesome. Also some gifts for people with March birthdays from Lemoncello designs.

BM: Thanks for taking the time to chat, Rebecca. Sending our best wishes to you and your family for happy days ahead and good health.