The Bermudian checks in with lead singer of Mohawk Radio and owner of Cassine, Mia Chambray to see how things are going.

BM: So how are you faring during these strange times?
MC: So far OK. In the past week reality is really sinking in, it all seems so surreal.

BM: How is the working from home going? Are you getting anything done?
MC: We are working from home, doing things on the Cassine website that have needed some attention. The aspect of the website we’re building is taking time, so far we are making progress.

BM: How is your family coping? Have you found some surprising upsides to spending more time together?
MC: As a new-ish mom, not much has changed for us.  We go to bed at 8 and get up at 6 (if we’re lucky). We do spend quite a lot of time out in our garden and this week we dug up a new patch to start growing more root vegetables. I think there is always an upside to being able to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, time is the most precious commodity we have.

BM: What are you doing to stay positive?
MC: I’ve been trying to commit to eating well and exercising with my incredible local gyms. Shamana Circle has launched the most beautiful online class portal, while Beyond Fit is hosting daily classes which really make me feel uplifted and connected.

BM: How about your friends and extended family? Do you have any virtual get-togethers planned?
MC: We have a  friends a family pub-quiz happening this afternoon! Otherwise I have been chatting with friends and family via FaceTime. It’s been amazing and hard all at once.

BM: What are you doing to stay healthy?
MC: Physically I have just been trying to move everyday. Mentally I have been trying to teach myself how to properly play the guitar. Learning something new is always challenging and it gives me something to look forward to.

BM: What are you listening to? Any new-found audio pleasures you wouldn’t normally have time for?
MC: Currently listening to Alicia Keys Autobiography as part of Naked Zero Lifetyle Book Club. I am a huge fan of podcasts with a passion for True Crime, so My Favourite Murder is in heavy rotation.

BM: Any other unexpected pleasures?
MC: For me, just seeing butterflies, birds and even whales! Watching animals be free and uninhibited has been pretty wonderful.

BM: On we posted an article on the restaurants serving fresh lobster for take-out. Were you been doing much take out before the restaurants closed?
MC: We were getting pizzas from Portofino and Gulfstream

BM: Have you been doing any baking? Anything so good you want to share the recipe with us?
MC: Gunnar and I have been baking up a storm! Our most recent cookie adventure was based on this delicious recipe, so yummy (we added in Craisins too)

BM: Thanks for taking the time to chat, Mia. Sending our best wishes to you and your family for happy days ahead and good health.