As payments manager in the operations department of Butterfield Bank, Dean Jones knows a thing or two about the daily challenges that a life in finance can entail. Having joined the bank’s management trainee programme upon completing university, his ascent at the company was partially helped by having had the opportunity to rotate among multiple departments early on in his career. “There is never a dull moment and there’s always an opportunity to grow,” he says of his chosen field, while suggesting that anyone starting out in banking should “keep an open mind and learn as much as they can in order to improve their skill sets.

Jones thanks his mother for making sacrifices that put him in a position to succeed in life, and leverages this positive influence towards his short-term goal of gaining professional knowledge and experience on a day-to-day basis. “I’m aware that there is always something new to learn, and I need to stay abreast with the industry, company, and any changes that occur,” he states, adding that one day he hopes to make it to the Butterfield boardroom as a key decision-maker for the bank. As for obstacles, Jones admits that retaining a healthy work/life balance can be tricky in his line of work, but his ultimate reward has been the ability to track his professional progress. “The most exciting part for me is to witness my personal growth from when I started out as a management trainee to where I am now,” he says.

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