Bermuda has no shortage of talented young legal minds, and 29-year-old Jessica Faiella helps prove that we won’t be running out any time soon. Now a full-time associate at MJM, Faiella began her post-law-school journey in London as an adjudicator for the Financial Ombudsman Service, the experience of which inspired her to return to Bermuda and pursue a full legal career. “I like the fact that I am given a dispute and tasked with trying to resolve it,” she says, noting that she aspires to become more involved with arbitration and mediation at her firm. “Human rights, being treated fairly and integrity are areas of law that I strongly believe in.”

Faiella credits a good, positive attitude as one of the most valuable traits an aspiring lawyer can possess, particularly considering the scrutinizing level of detail often required by the field. She also values Bermuda’s position as a smaller jurisdiction—one of the reasons she’s been able to learn so much so quickly, admitting that experience gained from her senior attorneys might not have been so easily available in a larger business centre like London. “Working at MJM is stimulating because we are a small firm and hungry,” she adds. “Even in the two years I’ve been here, I’ve seen lots of different areas that I want be involved with, and I love that MJM has given me the freedom to explore these different areas throughout my practice.” With a long-term goal of ultimately becoming a director at MJM, the sky’s the limit for this aspiring attorney.


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