The Bermudian checks in with Maya Palacio to see what she’s reading, watching, listening to and who she’s following these days.

BM: What App do you check upon waking?
MP: Instagram

BM: What news source do you check in with everyday?
MP: The Daily Hour! (Bernews and Twitter Feed, I follow a lot of international and local news to catch the highlights)

BM: What Podcast do you listen to religiously?
MP: I don’t listen to any religiously. I prob tune into Bermudian/local ones every other weekend and binge them.

BM: What books are at your bedside and what are you reading right now?
MP: Assata Shakur is what I’m currently reading. By my bedside is: The Souls of Black Folk, W. E. B Du Bios and The Outsider, Camus.

BM: Do you subscribe to an online media source?
MP: Yes. Most recent: The Supplement, “a newsletter that fills in the gaps of your other news intake”

BM: We love magazines (of course!) what magazines do you buy or subscribe to?
MP: I use to pick up 3 magazines every time I travelled back and forth from school at the airport. So I’ve been missing that intake. It will be whatever catches my eye on what I’m interested in – at the time.

BM: Who do you engage with most on Instagram?
MP: @bermemes definitely. And most likely my university friends who also graduated in my journalism honors class. I like to keep up on their stories.

BM: Are you on Twitter? Who do you retweet most often?
MP: Yes. On my business page I probably retweet the Bermuda Government Page the most and @Terri2kool. On my personal – my closest friends.

BM: Who do you subscribe to on YouTube?
MP: I don’t use YouTube often. I most likely subscribe to Bermudian artists.

BM: Do you ever fall down an internet rabbit hole? If so, what’s most likely to lead you there?
MP: The Global Mail. Articles that say “read more” and then I search persons names to see if they told their stories anywhere else and then I find gaps and similarities. And then I start searching companies. It gets very investigative after that. Any good or suspicious article will make me do that.

BM: Facebook: Thumbs up or thumbs down?
MP: Thumbs up. Not a fan of the foundation, but everyone needs something and Facebook is for some people.

BM: What are you binging on Netflix at the moment?
MP: The Queens Gambit and Fresh Prince of Bel Air

BM: Have you ever taken part in a digital detox?
MP: Not really. There was a time when I only had prepaid so I had no choice but now – I probably can’t be without my phone for more than 5 hours. I’d be stressing over what I’m missing.