Bum Bum Bananas: Oh! Do Mind Your Manners is the title of Elizabeth Mulderig’s latest children’s book, released this past summer. Bum Bum Bananas is a very naughty cat. She has lost her manners and goes on an islandwide search with her friend Do-Boy, the hot dog, to try and find them.

Because most of Mulderig’s books are based on educating children about Bermuda, she has made Bum Bum Bananas an interactive book by asking questions throughout. At the end of the book the child is taught how to say “please” and “thank you” in six different languages, including cat, dog and Bermudian!

Known for her Tiny the Tree Frog book series, Mulderig says education is of primary concern, with her books featuring lessons for kids on how to cook and colour – with her colouring cookbook for kids – or how to share, which is the theme of her Do-Boy Digs Bermuda. “One of the things I love to do,” she says, “is visit the schools and read my books. I get really good feedback from local kids and teachers as well.”

Two new books by the author will make their debut later this year. Her first book for tweens and teens, entitled Not the Bermuda Triangle: A History of Bermuda, explains how the island was unfairly tagged with the triangle title and gives a short history of the island, complete with cartoon illustrations written in Bermudian. “Tiny translates the Bermudian into non-Bermudian,” Mulderig laughs. “This is not only my most serious book thus far, but my funniest as well!” Her other new book is for babies; it’s a board book entitled Goodnight Tiny in Bermuda.

Mulderig’s collection of children’s books can be bought at gift stores and bookstores islandwide.