Bermudian Natasha Tucker, together with her business partner, Cora Hilts, has just launched a new business venture, rêve en vert. It is a high-fashion retail website based in London, offering sustainable, ethical, gorgeous clothes. The inspiration for the business came from their interests in both environmental protection and fashion. Natasha had just spent a year working on Wadson’s organic farm in Bermuda and Cora was finishing a master’s degree in sustainability when the two decided to merge their creativity and desire to drive change with this artful and spirited project.

Discussing the importance of sustainability in fashion, Tucker says, “Most people don’t think of fashion in this context, but when you consider that on average every American throws away 68 pounds in physical weight of clothes every year, or that it takes about 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for one pair of jeans, you soon realize the environmental impact disposable fashion has.” With the aim of providing an alternative to the throwaway culture that has become so prevalent in fashion, rêve en vert only sells ethically produced clothes that are made to last.

The many hip brands featured on the site are a reflection of the business’s bohemian aesthetic and pioneering, ambitious ethos. Among them—and a great favourite of Tucker and Hilts—is Gudrun & Gudrun, a knitwear company that, like rêve en vert, is run by two talented women. Based in the tiny Faroe Islands, all of the items are hand-knitted from local sheep’s wool or made from the by-products of the entire animal. With summer coming, Bermudians should also check out swimwear brand Cala Ossidiana, which offers chic bathing suits made from fabrics that have almost zero environmental impact.

The two entrepreneurs behind rêve en vert are determined to succeed in their goal of reducing the impact that fashion has on both the planet and those producing it. “Making fashion sustainable is not something that should happen, it has to happen, and it will happen,” they say. Running their own business brings challenges, but it also brings the excitement and reward of seeing their passion and drive create something they feel is both new and of great importance for the future of the planet.