“As a Bermudian, I’m proud of what our country has to offer visitors.” This being the hospitality-driven attitude of 30-year-old Hamilton Princess & Beach Club leisure sales coordinator Nia Sticca, it’s no wonder that she loves her job and succeeds so well at it. Having originally planned to work in human resource management, Sticca was unexpectedly drawn to hospitality after accepting a job as a Fairmont gold concierge advisor in 2012, and has no regrets about her change of heart. “I’ve found what I do to be very rewarding and fun. I get to meet new clients very often, and I enjoy working on different evolving projects,” she says, explaining that being in hospitality often feels as if she’s “joined the family business” given her mother’s 30-year career with Bermuda tourism. “My mom has been my inspiration,” she explains. In terms of looking ahead, Sticca aims to grow within her company and eventually become leisure sales manager, a position that would require her to travel frequently and promote the Bermuda experience internationally. In the meantime, however, she cherishes the unique moments that come with her current role, and takes great pleasure in showing off the island to our guests. “We live in one of the most naturally beautiful places and my job allows me to see the beauty of our island,” she says, recalling one particularly satisfying moment. “Last month while escorting a photographer through the hotel, the Portuguese tall ship sailed into Hamilton Harbour, much to his excitement. My job is full of these types of moments that many people don’t get to experience.”


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