Name: Cameron Pimentel
Age: 24

Sport: Sailing (Laser class)


Highlights: Bermuda National Champions past 3 years running; four national championships in other classes; 10th Fort Lauderdale Olympic Class Regatta 2016; 19th South American Championships 2015.

How I Got Started: At the RBYC summer sailing camp.

How I Train: Overseas on the water six days a week and gym sessions four days a week.

My Diet: As many healthy carbs, proteins, fats and calories as I can make myself eat. I’m in a constant battle to gain weight and replace all the calories that I burn after long days on the water.

How I Got Inspired: I was inspired when I was nine or ten years old by Peter Bromby’s amazing results in the Star class at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. During the entire event, I would be checking the newspaper for his results and I think it was then that the Olympic seed was planted in my head.

Sporting Heroes: The legend Didier Drogba

Ultimate Sporting Goal: To compete in the Olympics.

What I Do in My Free Time: Watch football and do other on-the-water activities.