Flora Duffy
Age: 28
Sport: Triathlon


My Highlights
Three-time World Champion; two-time Olympian; Pan American Games medalist.

How I Got Started
I did my first triathlon when I was seven years old (Bermuda’s Iron Kids Triathlon). I won my age group and was hooked.

How I Train
A lot and often! I spend six months of the year training in Stellenbosh, South Africa, and the other six months in Boulder, Colorado. My routine is busy and intense with roughly 25 hours of training a week split between swimming, cycling, running and the gym.

My Diet
I eat a clean, healthy diet. Food is my fuel so it needs to be nutrient dense and in large quantities. I eat gluten free, mainly vegetarian, stay away from highly processed food, eat lots of nutrient-rich food and also make sure to eat within 30 minutes of training.

How I got inspired 
In the ’90s, Bermuda hosted an ITU World Cup. All of the best triathletes would race and I went to watch and get photographs and autographs. I have a really cool photo with Greg Welch, who was the best in the world then. Greg now works at Oakley and I’m sponsored by Oakley. Thinking back to that photo is funny because at the time I dreamed of being an Oakley athlete and now, 15-plus years later, I am!

What I do in My Free Time
My boyfriend Dan and I both really enjoy food, so a big passion of ours is going to new restaurants and seeking out fun places to eat.