Jillian Terceira
Age: 44
Sport: Equestrian Jumping


My Highlights
Eighth place at the 2011 Pan American Games; Grand Prix Winner at Lyon, France; five-time Puissance High Jump Winner at 2.20 metres (7 feet, 2 inches); four-time recipient of the Bermuda Government Achievement Award; two-time Olympian; three-time Pan American Games athlete.

How I Got Started
My grandfather Claude Terceira owned horses that raced at Shelly Bay in the 1950s. On my eighth birthday I started taking riding lessons; there was no stopping me and definitely no looking back!

How I Train
I train six horses everyday, ranging from my young five-year-old horses through to my grand-prix horse, who’s now 16 years old.

My Diet
Everything in moderation.

How I Got Inspired
My inspiration comes from my spirit. It’s in my soul. I love horses. They are majestic, powerful animals. I love the connection I have with them. I love the kindness in their eyes. I love the independence and freedom of riding, but I also love to compete. I love the thrill, the speed and the athleticism of jumping! I love that equestrian is one of the only sports where men and women compete as equals. I love the challenge! My parents always told me I could do anything I put my mind, body and soul into.

What I Do In My Free Time
I spend any free time I have with my son.