The People’s Pharmacy is one of Bermuda’s most patronised retail businesses, thanks in part to the dedication and hard work of employees like 28-year-old Aleasha Pearman. Having climbed the ladder from cashier all the way to senior accounts assistant, she’s a prime example of how hard work and sacrifice lead to vertical growth. Pearman’s advice to young people starting their careers is to become familiar with all aspects of their company from top to bottom, adding that “you never know who’s watching and what doors can be opened” if you take other people’s advice to heart. A true proponent of good client relations, she describes interacting with customers as the most exciting part of her career, adding that there’s always opportunity for growth and advancement in her field.

Pearman lists her sister Reken as the biggest inspiration in her life, and thanks Greg Dos Santos – the company’s former financial controller – for recognising her full potential and giving her a chance to grow professionally. No stranger to adversity, her career path came with several challenges, including raising a son at a young age and having to postpone the pursuit of her bachelor’s degree. The hurdles, however, made her a more resilient person who was eager and doubly determined to get ahead. “If you have the drive, you can, and you will, achieve your goals no matter what obstacles are in your way,” she says, stating that currently her loftiest ambition is to complete her bachelor’s degree.


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