“I want both my personal and my professional life to help shape the future of Bermuda,” says 26-year-old Carlita Lodge, civic-minded marketing and communications manager at the Fairmont Southampton hotel. Promoting the public image of one of Bermuda’s most iconic resorts, she values Bermuda’s people as its “true beauty” and keeps a busy schedule communicating the local culture to visitors. With a job that spans multiple skill sets and responsibilities, Lodge appreciates the opportunity to “shape the perception” of the island for the good of its tourism product. Thankful to represent an employer that provides growth opportunities for young Bermudians, she also gets to advocate for the hospitality industry to student interns as a rewarding side benefit of her job. Lodge takes inspiration from Bermudian icon Ruth Thomas, whose contributions to society she says have “shaped the fabric of Bermuda’s culture and community.” Advising those starting out in her industry not to underestimate the flexibility of their talents and skills, she states that while she never expected to end up in hospitality, it turned out to be an ideal career choice given her passions. Lodge thanks her parents for instilling in her the values of education and persistence, which have served her well as a female professional in a competitive economic climate. “I believe as a young woman, you have to work harder to assert yourself as a legitimate and worthwhile business person,” she says, echoing a common workplace sentiment.


As one with a bright future at the Fairmont Group, it’s clear she’s overcome this adversity.


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