If anyone has ever told you that auditing is a boring field, they’ve clearly never met 22-year-old Caroline Berlo, enthusiastic staff accountant at Ernst & Young. “Auditing is actually a respected and extremely social career,” she says, dispelling a common myth about her chosen path. Awarded a prize from the Institute of Chartered Accountants immediately following high school, Berlo was primed to succeed from an early age, and already had two job offers upon completing her first year of university. With a short-term goal of achieving her full chartered accountant qualifications, she notes that her company is deeply committed to training and development, having been voted second most attractive global employer overall by Universum Global in 2013. “I started out as an intern and everyone I worked with supported me through my studies and my new job,” she says.


Eventually, Berlo believes her dedication and self-confidence in the workplace will land her a leadership role within Ernst & Young. She credits the experience gained from attending university overseas as key to her ability to integrate unique perspectives in her professional life, although she loves working on the island.

”Bermuda is my home and it’s exciting to see the abundant opportunities the island provides for young, hard-working, dedicated professionals with ambition,” she says, noting the importance of giving back to the community that helped her succeed. Part of the way she does this is by acting as a peer mentor for two other staff accountants, describing it as an “amazing feeling” to be able to guide and coach others.


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