Social skills and a positive attitude are two traits essential to client relations – a lesson that 25-year-old Jo-Rena Davis has taken to heart younger than most in her field. As sales and marketing coordinator for the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, she has launched headfirst into this high-energy hospitality role at an early age, grateful for the opportunity to work at what she describes as her “favourite hotel.” Securing this position so impressively young is a testament to Davis’s talent, acknowledged early on at her previous company, a London-based event management company which had her deeply involved in a complex programme with over 60,000 participants. “The [event management] role gave me the opportunity to demonstrate in practice what I had learned in theory,” she says, describing the experience she gained in an applied setting as essential to landing the Fairmont job.

Davis’s advice to young people seeking a career in public relations is blunt and succinct. “Decide what it is you want to achieve and just do it,” she says, highlighting the importance of focus and a driven attitude. With her ultimate dream to become director of sales at Fairmont Monte Carlo, it’s clear she loves the company she’s part of, and is working towards becoming sales manager for the Fairmont Bermuda Group as a short-term goal. Crediting her sister as the person who motivated her to pursue what she most enjoyed doing as a career, Davis’s current inspirations are her colleagues: “There is so much experience in our team, and my peers make a conscious effort to pass it on.”


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