Twenty-five-year-old Kimberley Moore is sales and marketing coordinator at BF&M insurance, and has had a rewarding journey growing with the company over the past seven years. “I started at BF&M in 2007 right out of high school as I could not afford to go to university then,” she says, noting that multiple scholarship opportunities and her company’s willingness to consistently hire her on school breaks eventually led to her obtaining a degree. A full-time employee as of December 2013, Moore has dived eagerly into her new role, already having been put on projects that involve interacting with subsidiaries in Barbados and Cayman. Stating that “even as a new hire, my ideas are always taken into consideration,” she lauds BF&M’s willingness to genuinely listen to everyone’s ideas, and is always looking for new ways to reach out to customers.



Moore looks up to women in the private and public sectors who’ve fought hard to achieve unprecedented leadership roles and appreciates her company’s progressive, open-door policy which allows her to freely express her views about its direction. In terms of grand ambitions, hers is a charitable one. Citing a history of several university internships in the non-profit sector, she states that “in the future, I would like to return to that work in some capacity and use experience gained in the private sector to help accomplish my philanthropic goals.” Moore’s advice for young people starting their careers is to find meaning in what they do, adding that this advice can apply to any career path.”


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