Having graduated from Berkeley Institute, Bermuda College and Temple University with a degree in risk management and insurance and human resources – and a minor in accounting – Taneisha Brangman had an abundance of skills and a number of directions she could follow in her career.

Originally, Brangman planned to become an underwriter, but when opportunity knocked and a position in the human resources department of PwC was offered to her, she did not hesitate to pursue it. She advises that young people starting out in their careers “should always look to be as prepared as possible” as they “never know what opportunities await them.”


Working in human resources and helping to run HeadStart, the firm’s student-recruitment programme, Brangman learned she loves to mentor and help others. She says, “The true value in my career will not come from what one might define as my own individual success, but how best I am able to be used to positively influence those around me.”


Brangman now finds herself in the enviable position of an experienced associate and fully designated certified public accountant. However, she explains that making the change was not all that easy. “After two years in HR, I was confident and comfortable in my ability to perform my role, so originally the thought of changing careers was nerve-wracking. It also meant, after just being promoted, taking a step back. I remember my coach at the time saying, sometimes taking a step back is what’s needed to be propelled forward.”


Brangman certainly is moving forward, and she is considering pursuing another professional designation to increase her knowledge base. However, the aspect of her work she still values most is the interaction with people: “The diversity within the firm is great; it provides the opportunity to work with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.”



2004  Graduated from The Berkeley Institute with double honours

2007  Graduated from Bermuda College with an A.A. in business administration with distinction

2010  Graduated from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a double major in risk management and insurance and human resource management, with a minor in accounting

2010  Employed at PwC as human resource associate

2012  Promoted to human resource senior associate

2012  Transferred to PwC Assurance as an experienced associate, and  completed all four parts of the CPA exams

2013  Promoted to assurance senior associate


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