With early professional roots in the employee health insurance department of the Bermuda government, 22-year-old Ryan Eve now works as a full-time underwriter for The Argus Group, a position he was offered upon completing university in 2014. Possessing a short-term goal to achieve a chartered property casualty underwriter designation less than two years into his career, Eve’s ambitions are fierce, and include eventually becoming senior management or CEO of a reinsurance company. “If you do not have a vision, you can’t expect growth or advancement,” says Eve, expanding on his drive for working in one of Bermuda’s most competitive sectors. “I love that my job presents a new challenge daily and consistently pushes me to put my best foot forward.”

Eve’s advice to those starting out in reinsurance is pragmatic, yet succinct. “Create a short-term and long-term plan. Place your ideal job at the “finish line” of the plan, then formulate a development path necessary to give you the skill set and qualifications for the said job,” he says, an attitude buoyed by the fact that he was instilled with values of integrity, hard work and determination by his family from an early age. Planning on working his way up through his organisation by gaining holistic knowledge, Eve matches his future-driven outlook on personal success with his sober attitude towards the process of overcoming obstacles. “I try not to view life through the lens of barriers, which are often self-inflicted. What you think about yourself is what truly matters.”


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