As an underwriting graduate trainee with a professional background in claims, 26-year-old ACE employee Venetia Furbert knows the importance of understanding her company from every angle. “I would encourage anyone embarking on a career in insurance to look beyond their current position,” she says, explaining how the interdependent nature of insurance functions requires close collaboration between departments. A politics and international relations major from Kent University, Furbert leverages transferable skills from her degree program to bring unique perspective to her role as an underwriter, and loves that her industry features so many moving parts. “Formulating an underwriting conclusion for my line of business is exciting because there are so many elements that have to be analysed. New regulation, industry performance, or a change in management can all change the risk profiles of the companies we insure.”


Furbert credits her family with helping her get where she is today, stating that between her father, mother and grandmother, she was instilled with values of hard work and strength of character from an early age. Her short-term ambition is to gain technical expertise in professional liability products for financial institutions, and she appreciates being able to work in a jurisdiction like Bermuda. “Bermuda’s insurance and reinsurance industry is filled with talented and experienced professionals who are passionate about the business,” she says, adding that she’s thankful to have unparalleled access to her clients so early in her career. As for lofty goals, her main one is beautifully simple: “I aspire to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.”


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