If you’ve never been to the Ag Show before, you must know that a key component in enjoying the annual event is the indulgence in Bermuda’s own version of “carnival food”. We don’t have funnel cake or churros or any of the other festive foods associated with fairs and the like typical of the United States but bite into a fish sandwich or Portuguese doughnut or Snowy’s snowball and we can assure you, “typical” fair food won’t be further from your mind!

Here are our picks for the most delicious local grub being served at the Ag Show this year. We’re not kidding, these tasty treats are worth the long wait in line:


1. Bermuda Pie Company
Specializing in savory pies full of homegrown flavor, Bermuda Pie Company got their start 34 years ago when the owner’s mother began baking and delivering pies to her husband on construction sites. Her pies were so delicious she started selling to other construction workers until one day, she found herself selling an average of 1,000 pies per day! There are various different flavored pies to choose from, including the Bailey’s Bay Fish Pie, St. George’s Beef Pie or the St. David’s Islander Mussel Pie, among others.


2. J&B’s Wood Fired Pizza
Committed to making the best pizza with the freshest ingredients, locals can’t get enough of J&B’s Wood Fired Pizza. Their oven is a hybrid, blending the traditional methods of baking pizza with modern technology. J&B’s serve pizza cooked to perfection in just 3 minutes and you can ask anyone who’s tried their pies and they’ll tell you, their pizzas are worth a much, much longer wait.


3. Frydays
Well-known for their crispy french fries piled high with all the fixings (read bacon, BBQ chicken, jerk chicken, cheese, ground beef, and almost anything else you can imagine!) Frydays is a local favourite! They also serve sandwiches, wraps and pizzas that are all equally delicious.


4. Scoops N Cones
Looking for a sweet treat? Look no further than Scoops N Cones, the ice-cream truck belonging to husband and wife team, Johnny and Patricia Eatherley. Their soft-serve ice-cream is a favourite among local children but they also serve sorbet, sundaes and and Hagen-Dazs too.


5. Slam Dunk Mini Donuts
Hot out of the fryer and covered in sugar, everyones favourite mini donuts are the perfect afternoon indulgence. Slam Dunk Mini Donuts have worked their way across the island, serving up their decadent mini sensations for years and the line is almost always long but totally worth it!


6. Winky Dinky Dog
Seriously – Is there anything better than a hot dog? The Winky Dinky Dog is large in size and piled high with Bermuda red onion, tomato, bacon and the condiments of your choice. Other toppings to choose from include cheese, chili, peppers, sauerkraut, salsa, and more.


7. Sid’s Sea Food
Sid’s is an institution in Bermuda, well-loved for their crispy, fried local seafood, especially their fish sandwich! Make sure you top yours with their hot sauce and homemade tartar sauce.


8. Ashley’s Lemonade
Sweet, ice-cold and made fresh from her stall, Ashley’s Lemonade is perhaps one of the most adored food vendors on the island. Offering lemonade made with cane sugar, or sugar-free, stevia or agave, there is something for everyone at Ashley’s Lemonade stand.


9. Confections
Bermudians love sugar cookies and no one makes better sugar cookies than Allison Smith of Confections. Her gourmet treats are topped with her own special “pink sand” sprinkles and packaged beautifully in cello bags tied with pink gingham ribbon.


10. DuchPops
If you think you’ve had a popsicle before, think again. Rickeisha Burgess is the queen of DuchPops and she makes 3000 of them each week in flavors like Whistling Frog (cucumber and lemon), Railway Cherry Trail (cherry and strawberry), Pink Coral (watermelon and cucumber), and the Duch Pop (mixed berries, pineapple, peach, and kiwi), each made with fresh fruit and agave.


11. Casa Dos Acores Da Bermuda
Portuguese food and culture is a large part of Bermuda’s culture and because of that, the Malassadas and Biscoitos (sugar cookies) sold by the Casa Dos Acores da Bermuda are highly anticipated treats and for good reason – the doughnuts are always piping hot and covered in sugar and the biscoitos are never too sweet but always drizzled in homemade icing.


12. Fluffy Stuff & KJ’s Snowball
Who could resist a snowball at the Ag Show? Absolutely no one! Whatever your preferred combination of syrups, a snowball always makes for a sweet treat and is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.


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