Have a look back on Ag Shows of the past. Perhaps you’ll recognize yourself or someone you know winning big or showing off poultry or successfully guiding a horse over a jump: There’s so much to take in in these old snapshots but they also showcase how little the annual exhibition has changed over the years.


Thirteen-year-old Diana Mulder takes a fall from Lucy. She was unhurt. June, 1969.


The winning pony hunt team: (from left) Linda Williams on Amber, Emily Fox on Gay Gordon, and Joan Taplin on Blazer. June, 1962.


Best in show and winner of two obedience trails, the poodle “Milady Gay of Midhope,” seen with her owner, Mrs Conway Trott. June, 1960.


Tom Wadson with his amazing display of fruits and vegetables. June, 1982.


Dutch dwarf rabbit, owned by John Tavares, being shown by John, who was one of the clowns performing at the show in June, 1967.


The Honourable E. W. Evans puts his mount over the hurdle. May, 1931.


His Excellency the Governor, and Lady Cubitt, both keen gardeners, pictured at the floral exhibit. June, 1932.


Stuart Outerbridge gets a “blue” from Judge D. J. Lambert. June, 1930.


Percy Stevens on Prince, winner of the high jump at the Gymkhana. June, 1930.


Float by West Pembroke Primary School took top honors.


Fluffy, prize Pomeranian Spitz, and her charming family. June, 1930.


The Bermuda Police Motorcycle Team. June, 1969.


Ann Stevens on Lady (left) and Katrine Madeiros on Hannah. June, 1969.




Pageant Queen Jacqueline Pike presenting Perry Goater (left) and Larry Burgess of the St. George’s Secondary School, with trophies for best school garden collection of vegetables.  June, 1969.



The U.S. Navy Starflights trampoline team was brought to Bermuda for the Agricultural Exhibition. Here Mary Hutchinson is performing with Joe Lowder. June, 1962.


Mr. Jerry Moniz with his prize bull which won the S.P.C.A. cup for the best cared for bull. June, 1962.


Best dog in show in the novice class, German Shepherd “Nero,” owned by Mrs. Anita Correia. June, 1960.


Awarded a blue ribbon at the Agricultural show was the Sanen goat owned by Mr James Moniz. June, 1963.


Joan Taplin riding Blazer in the open jumping event. June, 1964.


Pony Pairs Jumping. June, 1964.


Performance of the Trumpet Band of the 30th Field Artillery Regiment Canadian Army (Militia). June, 1964.


Amanda Williams on Amber and Robert Clark on Blazer (front), winning the pony pairs jumping. June, 1965.


Mr. William G. Hollis’ brown leghorn rooster which won the Pearman, Watlington Challenge Cup. June, 1967.


Bermuda-bred sow and litter from Mr Bob Terceira’s Tudor’s farm, Southampton. June, 1967.


Cup for best Guernsey in show presented by Mr. E. Harley Barnes, M.C.P., to Mr Henry Ingham, who showed the cow for Mr Henry Dunkley of Lukes Farm, Southampton. June, 1967.


Miss Virginia Spiller (centre) of Warwick, with her Irish setter “Tattersall Clanceen” about to receive a trophy from His Excellency the Governor. June, 1957.


Some of the prize-winning entries in the vegetable exhibit. June, 1933.


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