For generations, Bermudians have been coming together to share in the culture of Cup Match. Since 1902, Cup Match has been the cause of much feteing, celebration and traditional customs: From festive attire (in Cup Match colours, of course!) to seemingly never ending rounds of Crown & Anchor, to spectating the main event and everything in-between, there is so much that goes into making Cup Match in Bermuda what it is. We’re proud to showcase Cup Match images from yesteryear and we welcome you to take a trip down memory too. Do you recognize anyone in the below photos?


John (Hodder) Simmons. His brilliant all-round performance won the Cup Match for Somerset in the second of the three 1902 games.


From the 49th Annual Cup Match in 1950



Somerset players celebrate as Lee Raynor gets out for one, 1976.






Alma Hunt, the hero of the Somerset team, receiving one of his numerous trophies. Hunt broke all records for individual scoring in Cup Matches and on the second day of the 1932 match, he performed a “hat trick” by bowling out three batsmen with three consecutive balls. July 29, 1932.


Warren Simmons, a skipper for the Somerset team, with the Challenge Cup. Simmons captained the Somerset team for 13 years. The 1932 match was his 23rd Cup Match. July 29, 1923.


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