As part of the bank’s efforts to support local residents who have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, HSBC Bank Bermuda Ltd. has donated $25,000 to charity Age Concern Bermuda.

The donation has gone towards providing essential caregiving services to vulnerable seniors, and essential vouchers and items that seniors need on a day-to-day basis such as food, medicine, utilities and access to the Internet. Additionally the funding also covers a portion of the charity’s general operational costs in order to meet the increased demand for support amongst the older members of Bermuda’s community during this time of crisis.

“The safety restrictions recently imposed to protect Bermuda’s seniors have been absolutely necessary, but they have taken their toll, leaving many family members unable to spend time with and care for their loved ones,” says Tanya Bule, HSBC Head of Wealth Personal Banking and Executive Sponsor of the partnership. “This has been particularly hard for those who may be struggling financially which is why assisting those families in need of elderly caregiving services is important for relief and peace of mind.

“In addition to this, the charitable sector is facing ever increasing pressures as they work to help the large number of local residents negatively impacted by the global pandemic. We believe the work Age Concern does daily to support the older generation, particularly those who are most vulnerable, is an essential service and we are therefore proud to be able to provide this assistance.”

Dr. Claudette Fleming, Executive Director of Age Concern Bermuda worries greatly about the impact of the pandemic on a large number of seniors and their families, particularly given the access to care has been more difficult, and the social interaction and wellness activities that many enjoy and rely on for their overall health has not been available.

Dr. Fleming tells us Age Concern is deeply grateful to receive such a donation from HSBC, at a time of great need, giving their volunteers a much-needed boost and allowing them to continue to give the best possible care, advice and general support to their members. For those who are isolated in their homes, the extra caregiving services they can now provide are hugely beneficial.

HSBC’s donation to Age Concern is part of a larger financial package being given to local charities that support not just seniors, but also children, educational initiatives, single parents and those who are vulnerable or food insecure.

“As a corporate donor, HSBC seeks to be both impactful and considerate when providing support to local charities,” adds Bule. “We hope our support for Age Concern at this time will help both the charity and our seniors get through the difficult challenges caused by this pandemic. In addition to the funding, HSBC staff have also been engaging in virtual volunteering sessions with two of our senior’s homes twice a week, which allows seniors the opportunity to share and connect with our staff through reading sessions and fun interactive activities.”

Age Concern Bermuda aims to enhance the quality of life and advocate the rights and responsibilities of adults aged 50 and above in Bermuda. For more information about the organisation or how to volunteer, visit