Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic consequences that followed, the Coalition for the Protection of Children (CPC) has seen demand for its services increase exponentially as families struggle for food, supplies and basic needs such as utilities, food and medicine.

It is for this reason that HSBC Bank Bermuda Ltd., which already works with the CPC on their ‘Roots for Success’ programme, has donated an additional $20,000 to help the organisation and its clients through this very challenging time.

The donation will provide food hampers for their clients, and vouchers for essential items for the families enrolled in the Roots for Success Programme, which includes food, medicine, utilities and laundry support. To further assist student remote learning, two new laptops were also donated to the charity for families in need of additional educational resources while schools remain closed.

Kelly Hunt, Executive Director of the CPC says that all their clients are parents or caregivers with children 17 or under in their care; many are single parents. The consequences of the pandemic hitting those who were already struggling hardest is a particularly tough situation to be in. This has put even greater demand on CPC services, stretching their resources including food and basic need costs, which have soared.

That is why CPC is so grateful for the support from the community and this generous donation from HSBC. Their donation has already made an impact on the families the CPC serve, and Hunt says it will help keep them afloat as we all recover from the effects of the pandemic.

The bank’s donation to the CPC is part of a larger donation of $180,000 to local charities to help those members of our community most impacted by Covid-19 related challenges including seniors, children and education, and the population experiencing food insecurity.

“As a corporate donor, we aim to be both impactful and considerate when providing support to local charities. For over five years, the HSBC has worked with the CPC on various social programmes and have seen first-hand its positive impact on Bermuda’s most vulnerable families,” says Clesia Pachai, HSBC Community Investment Manager.

“The charity currently supports 10 families through their Roots for Success programme which helps parents to develop the ‘future skills’ necessary to secure employment as build self-sufficiency.  Taking into consideration today’s current climate and Socio-Economic disparities, this programme will continue to be a vital resource and building block for many families in our community, for both short and long term.”

In addition to providing food and essential items to clients who need it, the charity remains the community’s leading advocates for children’s rights.  The organisation also offers various programmes such as its breakfast programme for primary school children, family hardship funding and the ‘Speak Up Be Safe’ programme, currently implemented across the island’s primary schools, which aims to prevent and identify child abuse. To learn more about the CPC and how you can support, visit