In Bermuda, where the humidity amplifies the summer heat, air conditioning is more of a necessity than a style point. Temperatures can climb up to 90°F and the humidity can create truly sticky conditions. If appropriate climate control is used, interior spaces offer a reprieve from the heat outside. When designing new interiors or renovating old spaces, it is important to consider climate control as part of the design.

Beyond the obvious way that climate control enhances the comfort of a space, however, an air conditioner can also contribute to the aesthetic of a room. A far cry from the clunky, noisy units of yesteryear, modern air conditioners have become quiet, sleek and sophisticated. Instead of intruding on the appearance of a room, they are now becoming part of the overall look.

As a prime example, the curved Daikin Emura™ has a stylish silhouette, offering a solution that complements contemporary interior design. It is available in matte white or silver, allowing you to choose the finish that best suits your décor. With its unique shape and sleek design, the curved Daikin Emura™ is a statement piece for your home.

Of course, style is secondary to how your air conditioner functions. When choosing an air conditioner, you want to look at its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) to see how well it will cool for the amount of energy it will use. The higher the SEER, the more you will save on cooling your home.

The Daikin Emura™ uses inverter technology to prevent the temperature swings associated with single speed, non-inverter air conditioning systems.

Another efficiency measurement to consider for a split system unit is the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF). This measures the efficiency of heat output. Bermuda gets cold enough to warrant some heating in the winter so the efficiency of the heating element is also important to keeping your energy cost low.

Bermuda’s humidity can contribute to the proliferation of such allergens as mold and mildew. Add in your average dust, household odors and pet dander; air purification becomes very attractive. The Daikin Emura™ has a titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter. The air purifying filter shines ultraviolet light onto titanium apatite, which is then energized to clean the air by attacking organic pollutant molecules.

In this day and age, we expect appliances to fit into our daily lives. We like to be able to set automatic timers, adjust modes and control them remotely. The Daikin Emura™ has several modes, including a program dry function, econo mode, comfort mode and powerful operation mode. You can set a weekly timer to save energy while you are away from home but achieve your desired temperature by the time you walk in the door. The Daikin Comfort Control App allows you to remotely control your Daikin system from anywhere in the world, using a tablet or smartphone.

Your interior can have the look you desire with the climate control comfort you need. When searching for an air conditioning unit, remember to look for high efficiency (high SEER and HSPF), inverter technology, air purification, several modes, timer capabilities, and remote control. The Daikin Emura™ offers these features in spades, providing you with an elegant option for your stylish living space.

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