Bermuda’s public school teachers often struggle to procure enough school supplies for their students. By purchasing school supplies via the Support Public Schools, Bermuda (SPS) initiative, you are putting pencils, markers, Judy clocks, calculators, language learning software, dictionaries (and everything else a child needs to be successful at school) directly into the hands of Bermuda’s youth. When they have everything they need to learn, they have a better shot of achieving at the highest level possible. Let’s all do what we can to help support Bermuda’s primary school students by supporting the initiative.


What is SPS.bmSupport Public Schools, Bermuda?
Founded in June of 2018, Support Public Schools is not a charity but rather a community action initiative supporting the improvement of public school education in Bermuda. An important tenet of Bermuda’s Strategic Plan for Education in 2022 is to provide additional instructional resources and modernize the learning environment in Bermuda’s public schools. supports this goal by giving teachers the resources they need for their students to learn and achieve at the highest level possible. The Butterfield Group is a proud supporter of Support Public Schools Bermuda and assists in their mission to put school supplies in the hands of children who need them. New school supplies valued in excess of $146,000 were purchased for public school classrooms in the 2018-2019 school year by supporters, led by SPS’ biggest supporter, the Butterfield Group.


How Does It Work?
In its first year, asked P2 and P3 teachers at all 18 public primary schools to submit a “wishlist” of items they need for their classroom. These lists are then uploaded online to SPS’ website, ( Individual supporters can purchase the supplies with a credit card (multiple items may be purchased in one transaction) and also choose their preferred primary school to support. The supporter will receive a receipt detailing the items purchased. The SPS team then delivers the supplies directly to the schools on designated delivery days. Principals, teachers and students send thank you letters describing how the supplies are helping to improve our students’ education, as well as photos showing the items in use, all of which are posted on This year SPS will be working to benefit P5 and P6 classrooms. Visit to read moving letters from principals, teachers and pupils who attest to how the SPS supplies are being put to amazing use.

SPS does not solicit funds from the Bermuda public and does not receive funding from the Bermuda Government or from Bermuda public sources. Instead, supporters of SPS make direct purchases of school supplies with retail suppliers and those supplies are delivered to public schools free of charge. It’s that simple!

SPS never sees, receives or handles funds. That way 0% of dollars are spent on admin expenses and 100% are spent on supplies and projects for the students.


How Do I Choose What To Buy?
SPS encourages supporters to buy items that speak to them. Perhaps one might feel that art supplies are invaluable for a child’s education and will choose to buy paint sets and paper. Maybe they will look back on their childhood and buy something that they wish they had in their classroom as a kid. If you’re interested in contributing to a local classroom, it’s easy to do! Simply visit SPS’ website to shop!

Alternatively, if you are pressed for time, you can make a purchase through a bank transfer to AF Smith or Butterfield Bank and SPS representatives will put your purchase monies towards the classrooms and supplies most in need. You can send your purchase monies in any amount you like to A.F. Smith (HSBC 010-715613-001), or Butterfield Bank (20006 060 173876 100), with a memo note stating your name and the reference “SPS SUP002”. Alternatively, you can simply call Ashley at A.F. Smith on 299-1869 with your credit card number and she will handle the purchase over the phone and again select schools and supplies most in need. The SPS team works to ensure that schools benefit evenly over the year.





Where Do The Supplies Come From?
SPS sources the supplies (at a discounted price) from Phoenix Stores Limited and A.F. Smith Limited. These companies deliver the supplies free of charge to public schools 2 or 3 times a year, depending on volume of supplies purchased.


What else does SPS do?
In addition to providing teachers and students with the school supplies and equipment they need, SPS also helps make cultural and educational field trips possible for children in public schools. Students from all levels of public schools were able to attend several theatrical events free of charge last year and this past summer, students from Elliot Primary and East End Primary were able to attend the Bermuda Zoological Society’s educational boat tours of Harrington Sound thanks to an anonymous supporter linked through the SPS initiative.

SPS has also helped schools receive equipment and materials second-hand from companies and other sources, including 100 good quality second-hand computers, good quality office furniture and office supplies such as binders and 3-hole punchers, and many boxes of printer paper. SPS volunteers also collect second-hand books, Lego, puzzles and mind-improving games from yard sales to give to public schools as well.


How Can You Help?
You can help by using SPS’ online shop ( to buy supplies requested by teachers to enhance their classroom experience. All the items on the lists work to foster the learning and development of primary school students in Bermudian public schools. The SPS team is next scheduled to deliver supplies to public primary schools on November 12th and 13th, 2019.

Purchases made by September 27th will make those delivery dates; purchases after such date will make the spring of 2020 delivery dates. Please shop now and support our public schools! We cannot be complacent about the quality of education afforded to our public school students.




Support Public Schools, Proudly Supported by Butterfield Group